Helpful Hints


  • Be sure items stored are clean and dry. Storing items that are damp or have stains will attract mold under the right conditions. If you are moving on a damp rainy day consider purchasing Damp Rid to reduce the dampness in your unit.
  • Never store food in your unit. Any type of food, including animal food such as dog food will attract rodents. Irish Spring soap works very well as a deterrent and smells good too.
  • Allegan U-Stor provides pallets to use in your unit. It is very important to store your property on the pallets especially for boxes and furniture. All units have cement floors and moisture does condense on the cement floors. Never store boxes on the cement floors. If you need additional pallets we will be happy to provide them for you.
  • When packing the unit do not store items next to the metal walls. Moisture will condense on the walls as well as the floor. By using the wooden pallets and leaving space between the wall and items stored, air will be able to circulate throughout the unit.
  • Regularly check on the contents of your unit. Just by opening the door regularly, more air will circulate around in the unit. Check to see if moisture is not accumulating on any items stored. If moisture is a problem in your unit consider purchasing a moisture control product from the Allegan U-Stor, i.e., Damp Rid.
  • Be aware of the weather around you. Southwest Michigan can be very humid and warm at various times throughout the year. Monitor your unit for humidity to be sure your property is staying dry.
  • Be sure to store more expensive items near the back of your unit. Never store cash in your unit.
  • Lastly, do not forget to check with your insurance agent regarding coverage of the property stored in the unit. Allegan U-Stor does offer insurance.


  • If you are renting a truck, make sure that you make reservations early.
  • Confirm vehicle size/capacity with rental company. Verify additional costs, i.e./ insurance and deductibles and drop off charges.
  • Make sure you obtain necessary supplies, i.e., loading ramps, dollies, padding, and boxes.
  • Load carefully, i.e., disassemble what you can, pad delicate items, load heavy furniture first, and secure load.


  • Ask your moving company how they handle items such as antiques, crystal, etc. to determine if you prefer to pack and move certain valuables yourself.
  • Often, if moving companies are transporting items you pack yourself, they won’t insure or take responsibility for them. Confirm the company’s policy beforehand.
  • Inquire about the amount of insurance coverage the moving company provides, and whether coverage is for replacement cost or depreciated value.
  • Moving companies have cartons and containers specially designed for such items as mirrors. For added safety, request extras to pack any items you choose to move on your own. Be sure to label them “Do Not Move” so the movers will not mistakenly load these cartons into their truck or van.
  • To keep items smelling fresh while packed in storage; place slivers of Irish Spring Soap in the box. The soap works better than moth balls and has a nicer scent.
  • Allegan U-Stor has a large array of packing materials and boxes for sale.